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Solo Exhibitions

2009 Seyhoun Gallery, Exhbithed by Seyhoun Gallery                                                         Los Angeles, USA

2009 Gershwin Gallery,  Curated by Laurenec Asserof                                                         New York City, USA


Group Exhibitions

2017 Friday Gallery Brooklyn, NY                                                                                Brooklyn, NY June 1 June 30 2017                                               

2016 Whitebox Gallery,MakeAmericaGreatAgain Curated by Raul Zamudio                  New York City, USA Feb 1st to 21st

2015 Galerie de Poche , Naked Souls Curated by Giancarlo Fabbi                                     Arles, France May 7 to 17th

2013 Ketterer Kunst Gallery, Curated by Giancarlo Fabbi                                                    Berlin, Germany  Oct 5th to Nov 2nd

2013  The Contemprary, Online Exhbit Curated By  Erin Joyce                                          Online Exhibition Nov  2013

2012 100 Curators Collection  Curated by Sara Raza                                                              Saatchionline

2012 Castrvm Peregrini, Curator Paco Barragán                                                                     Amsterdam, Netherland 

2011 Other Gallery , Curated by Raul Zamudio                                                                        Shanghai, China

2011 Whitebox Gallery,Third Eye Curated by Raul Zamudio                                               New York City, USA

2010 Leila Heller Gallery, Curated by Sam Bardaouil                                                            New York City, USA

2010 Whitebox Gallery, Curated by Catinca Tabacaru                                                          New York City, USA  Nov 10


Festivals & Film Screenings

2016  International-invisible-film-festival-2016                                                                      Cirque De Nuit  & Shirn & farhad

2015  Icelandic  Film Festival                                                                                                        Sonnet of Delirium  Animation, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013  Iranian Film Festival 2013                                                                                                  Shirn &  Farhad Sept 28

2013  Art & Algorithms Film Festival                                                                                           Sonnet Of Delirium, Titusville Florida  October 10

2013  Art & Algorithms Film Festival                                                                                           Shirin & Farhad Animation, Titusville Florida  Oct 10

2013  San Francisco Art Institute                                                                                                  Shirin & Farhad Animation, San Francisco, Sept 28

2012  NordisK Panorama Film Festival                                                                                        Sonnet of Delirium  Animation, Malmo, Sweden     

2012  Iranian Film Festival                                                                                                             Sonnet of Delirium  Animation, San Francisco , USA   

2009  Georgetown University                                                                                                        Intoxicating Rhymes and Sobering Wine

2008  UCLA  University                                                                                                                   Intoxicating Rhymes and Sobering Wine

2008  UCI University                                                                                                                        Intoxicating Rhymes and Sobering Wine

2008  NYU University                                                                                                                      Cirque de Nuit Short Film

2008  Columbia University                                                                                                            Cirque de Nuit Short Film



* Majeed’s video and Photo works was featured on Voice of America. Selective Images from his wor has been appeared in two  publications about Iranian  modern Art &  Huffington Post articls.

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